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Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!

Nickel Creek is coming to Boise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was beginning to wonder if I would see them this year. I really wanted to see them in Bend or Sun Valley but the drive would have been to expensive this time around. Budget is too tight this summer. Damn tickets went on sale this morning and I just found out about it! How did that happen? I was working and changing stations cause of some lame ass EMO song and I heard a couple of notes and "Nickel Creek produced by Bravo BSP...blah blah blah"

I stopped writing the ticket I was righting and raised my hand in the air and yelled YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope no one was watching. : p

August 12 baby. Holy crap that is soon. I might not be able to buy my ticket until the 9th. : (

They better not be sold out. Apparently the Sun Valley show got changed to Boise. Weird but I am not complaining.

Hahahah that is the same night as the Nickelback concert.....I hope people don't get confused. : P

I wanted to see Nickelback because of three awesome opening acts but I think Nickel Creek wins this one.
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