Keri (keristars) wrote in nickel_creek,

question about a song

On the new compilation cd (Reasons Why), there is a live version of The Fox from 2000. What is the song that they inserted into the middle, which Chris sings/speaks extremely quickly? I can't make out all the words, so I can't google it, but what I can hear sounds really amusing, and I love how it fit into the song. I'd like to hear the original to see how much it was changed, if at all. Or, maybe they made it up themselves for it?

At any rate, that's the best version of The Fox I've heard, and I'm so glad they put it and You Don't Have to Move That Mountain onto the cd. I remember the mountain song from when I first saw them in concert, I think, and I really enjoy this version. The bass around the middle is so much fun.
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