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ESPN's Baseball Tonight is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the writing of Take Me Out To the Ballgame. Here's the info from their site:

To commemorate the 100-year anniversary of baseball's most famous tune, "Baseball Tonight" had nine popular musical artists record a rendition of the song. Each version debuted on "Baseball Tonight" and then was posted below.

To get to the point, Chris Thile and the Punch Brothers did one of the recordings. And I'm not too biased when I say it's my favorite. ;) You can vote for the Punch Brothers here:
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Sara's CD

She's all finished recording so, hopefully, it won't be too long of a wait!

Some of the songs will be Watkins Family Hour favorites, but with new arrangements. I heard one of the new ones last week and, of course, it's beautiful.
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Its been quite some time since anyone's posted to this community but....

Has anyone heard about some rather risque pictures of Sean showing up in the internet?  Its been on my mind all day!
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Anyone ever been to the Mann Center before? I'm going to the show there this weekend and wondering what the set up is because I can't tell for sure. Is it all seated? I've got a ticket for "Orch B Row L" seats 107 and 106. So are they really seats or is it like a lot of general admission shows where the tickets say seats even though there aren't any?

Nickel Creek at Ravinia in Chicago

Nickel Creek will be performing at the Ravinia Festival on August 10th here in Chicago. I do not believe this is on their web site and tickets can be ordered on the Ravinia site. I am very excited. My tickets were given to me a s a birthday present yesterday!
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another question!

OH NOES. I was playing the "reasons why" DVD, and it keeps giving my WMP an error during the third refrain of the "When in Rome" video. Is this happening to anyone else? I've never had a DVD do this before with Windows Media Player.

Also, thanks for the replies about the Dylan song in "The Fox" on the CD - I didn't even think to look at the booklet insert. Silly me! :P
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question about a song

On the new compilation cd (Reasons Why), there is a live version of The Fox from 2000. What is the song that they inserted into the middle, which Chris sings/speaks extremely quickly? I can't make out all the words, so I can't google it, but what I can hear sounds really amusing, and I love how it fit into the song. I'd like to hear the original to see how much it was changed, if at all. Or, maybe they made it up themselves for it?

At any rate, that's the best version of The Fox I've heard, and I'm so glad they put it and You Don't Have to Move That Mountain onto the cd. I remember the mountain song from when I first saw them in concert, I think, and I really enjoy this version. The bass around the middle is so much fun.
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Does this really come out TOMORROW???

The cover is nice. It says it comes with a dvd. Does anyone know more details? The completeist in me wants it, but other than the dvd, the only thing I might not have is You Don't Have to Move that Mountain (depending on the version, cause I do have the Hear to There version). So I can't really see myself spending that much unless some of these are live?

This is their last album? I'm kind of upset. I with it would have at least been a live album.

And how did I not know it was coming out tomorrow? Did I miss an e-mail?